Insuring the Globe ®, One Risk at a Time

What risks do we cover ?

Diplomatic, embassy coverage for government contractors in DOS, DoD and more
Journalists in war zones and embedded press globally
Traveling executives
Coverages for acts of war, terrorism and NCB exposure globally
Kidnap, ransom, extorsion, hijack, wrongful detention, ransom money, crisis management and more
Government independent contractors including security contractors and more
Inbound immigrant & visitor medical plans
Hazardous sports, athletic activities
J1/J2 Group Visa coverage for exchange visitor sponsoring organizations
Humitarian, NGO, medical missions, orphanages and more
Inbound and outbound international students, professors, staff and universities
Oil, gas, petroleum workers, roughnecks, platforms and more
International cargo and marine
Oil / Gas/ Petroleum Industry
International Marine / Cargo / Transport

Global Risk Broker & Associates

GRB: "We can insure it when others won't"

The world in the 21st Century is increasingly unpredictable. We live in a world full of risks. global terrorism, worldwide natural disasters and your run of the mill accidents and illnesses that creep up on us when we least expect are all around us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Global Risk Broker (GRB) understands this concept and we make it our goal to assist those that are in high risk global situations, from traveling internationally for business or living abroad in another country long term. Our globally savvy clientele understand the risks involved with worldwide travel and therefore understand the needs for such wide ranging coverages to exist.

GRB, utilizing such underwriters as those of Lloyds of London (and other large A rated carriers from the United States), provides wide-ranging global risk insurance products to both our leisure, business clients and government, NGO, scientific and educational organizations.

We serve many niche markets including the marine industry, yacht and maritime crew and captains, missionary individuals & groups worldwide, independent contractors in high risk war regions of the world, non-US visitors to the US and abroad, all Consular required Visa medical insurance programs, international students coming to the US and going abroad and many more scenarios.