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Established in 1941, the primary goal of the Defense Base Act was to cover workers on military bases outside the United States. DBA coverage was amended to include public works contracts with the government for the building of non-military projects such as dams, schools, harbors, and roads abroad. A further amendment added a vast array of enterprises revolving around the national security of the United States and its allies.

Today, almost any contract with an agency of the U.S. government, for work outside the U.S., whether military in nature or not, will likely require Defense Base Act coverage.


Who is Required to have DBA Coverage?

Defense Base Act coverage is designed for the following overseas employment activities:

1. Any employee* working on a military base or reservation outside the U.S. This includes those working for private employers on US military bases or on any lands used by the US for military purposes outside the Unites States, including US territories.

2. Any employee engaged in U.S. government funded public works business outside the U.S. This can include construction and service contracts in connection with national defense or with war activities outside the USA.

3. Any employee engaged in a public works or military contract with a foreign government which has been deemed necessary to U.S. National Security.

4. Those employees that provide services funded by the U.S. government outside the realm of regular military issue or channels.

5. Any employees of any sub-contractors of the prime or letting contractor involved in a contract like numbers 1-4 above.

* note that "any employee" also refers to TCNs (third country nationals), non-US citizens and the like; not just US citizens...


Considering not providing this coverage ? Think again.

Not obtaining the federally mandated / required DBA workers compensation insurance carries considerable penalties and fines. All governmental contracts have a provision requiring those bidding for contracts with the US government to obtain the required DBA coverages. The most severe legal ramification of an employer without DBA coverage are subjected to law suits under common law and where these defenses are waived... essentially allowing a claimant or their heir(s) to file suit and not having to prove any negligence. Serious stuff...


Not required to provide DBA but you want to provide war zone personal accident insurance coverage to your employees ?

This scenario comes up all the time. If you are not required to provide DBA coverage or it's being provided for you (FYI: DBA is not the "be all to end all" coverage -- it's only workers compensation keep in mind), it's certainly a wise move to provide supplemental personal accident life, medical and disability insurance coverage. We recommend reviewing our independent contractors personal accident insurance page regarding these coverages, benefits and costs. There you will be able to submit for a quick quotation for special risk accident life insurance and medical insurance for war and terrorism risk coverages that cover both on and off the job worldwide. Or not sure what you need, simply complete our form submission page for a contact right away.


DBA Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

If you're on this page and reviewing our information, you are most probably in the initial phase of bidding on a contract or have bid on a contract and looking to compare rates or secure coverage right away. Minimally, you will need to have an understanding of the DBA Insurance costs so you can submit your bid fully intact to win your company's bid. The reality is that the time constraint levied on you to do so is generally "last minute", having needed it "yesterday". The good news is DBA coverage generally does NOT have to be in force at the time of bid submittal, rather you should be aware of your premium cost outlay for the DBA Insurance. You are able to build this cost into your reimbursement under your contract. VERY IMPORTANT ! Depending on the payroll involved with your contract, this can be significant, generally from 5 to 10% of total foreign payroll, depending on the occupational hazards and ratings involved, along with hot spot country locations involved.




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  4. Please include with the Questionaire: Prime Contract # or Solicitation # and a copy of the Scope of Work (SOW)

Having received all items above, we generally can turn out a preliminary rating in about 48 hours (some times longer). We can do this because we have unprecedented access to ALL the DBA carriers in the USA and abroad.


Feeling compelled to shop it among other brokers ?

We don't recommend this simply for the fact that it will prevent us from fully and completely accessing the DBA markets since some carriers block access once submitted by other brokers. The disadvantage is simply that GlobalRiskBrokers will be unable to properly compare ALL the options and premiums that our carriers may come back with. We make the carriers "fight for the business" and thus you get the best rates. We work for our clients ... not the carriers. We want you to be able to get the very best rate on your DBA coverage as this can impact your budget bottomline.


Still have questions ?

If you have any questions regarding whether or not your situation falls into one of the above criteria or just have general questions about DBA Insurance or other war zone coverages being asked of you in your contracting, feel free to contact one of our DBA specialists in assisting you. To quote DBA coverage, we will need to know the prime contracting number and would request a copy of your SOW (scope of work) in order to best assist in determining eligibility and /or quoting your DBA Insurance needs.





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