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This plan of insurance offers flexibility in design for individuals / executives in need of coverage for MULTIPLE TRIPS throughout the year for international medical, illness/ accident / emergency / evacuation / repatriation of remains insurance, when traveling outside their primary country of residence worldwide. The insured can have unlimited trips in any given 364 day period, with trip durations from 30 to 70 days per trip (various by carrier).  This is supplemental annual blanket coverage to the insureds primary domestic health plan. As such, the person applying MUST have at time of application and maintain throughout the duration of the policy, a primary health insurance plan (individual, group, corporate or can be Medicare A & B).

Perfect for leisure travelers who take frequent annual vacations, traveling executives, missionary or church travelers that travel often, and many other scenarios.

Above you will find the THREE top programs we recommend from highly reputable and A rated insurance carriers.