The Bridge Plan: "Bridging the Gap to Medicare Eligibility"

For permanent residents within the USA who are awaiting eligibility for Medicare

This plan is not Affordable Care Act Compliant

America continues to be the "melting pot" of the world. The need for proper medical coverage becomes more and more important as America receives thousands of immigrants a year, many of whom are too old for individual coverage and, due to residency status, are not eligible for Medicare (most cases up to a 5 year wait before becoming eligible for Medicare benefits). Bridging this gap is The Bridge Plan.

For a senior citizen, being uninsured is incredibly dangerous and fiscally irresponsible; however, being accepted into the United States Medicare program can be difficult to navigate. We offer the temporary Bridge Major Medical Insurance Plan to cover senior citizens in the transition period between traditional insurance and the Medicare System. 

Medicare applicants must live in the US for five years as legal residents before they are accepted into the program. Others may miss their application date and have to wait an extra 18 months before obtaining full medical insurance. The Bridge Plan is a temporary major medical insurance plan intended for use by seniors awaiting acceptance in the U.S. Medicare system.

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The Bridge Plan

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The Bridge Plan is not available to those using the following state addresses on the application:



Alternative options for a scheduled benefit immigrant health plan available in all states, please review the Seven Corners Inbound Immigrant Plan