Disability insurance programs for individuals and business

Americans have no problem insuring our "stuff", like auto, boats, home and jewelry but why wouldn't you want to insure the source that allows you to have all these things in life ? Wouldn't a person or business want to make sure the "source of income" will perpetually survive? I'm talking about insuring "the ATM machine"... YOU! The income earner.

Disability insurance is one the most under sold personal lines insurance on the market today. Everyone knows about "term life insurance", just turn on the radio and you can hear several commercials about the need for life insurance. Life insurance is very important, but it pays only if someone dies. What happens if you are injured so severly you can't work for an extended period of time, or ever again! Maybe an illness or sickness becomes so chronic and debilitating that you can no longer hold down your job. Sad to say but you'd probably wish for the former fate, as now you are alive AND unable to hold an income producing job not being able to feed your family, pay for all that "stuff" you have a loan or mortgage on, take care of college education for your children, provide for your wife and family and the list goes on. As a business owner, could your business or practice survive without you? Very doubtful.

What is the solution ?

Income Protection Insurance, more commonly referred to in the industry as Disability Insurance.

GRB offers income protection programs for just about any profession. Coverage both in the USA and for use worldwide as well.


Categories of Coverage:


Personal Disability Plans

Business Disability Plans

Guarantee Issue Group Disability

Professional Athlete Disability Plans


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