Group Guarantee Issue Disability Insurance


A plan of supplemental disability insurance which goes way beyond the traditional limits of Group LTD and Individual Disability Wraps.  Now you can easily accommodate high limits for group carve outs with available monthly benefits as high as $25,000 per month or more in addition to the underlying coverage. 

A business firm may indeed have a Group LTD plan in place for the employees of an entire firm. However, a typical LTD plan has limitations as to the maximum monthly benefit it will pay out. This cap on the monthly benefit is often too low to replace the proper amount of income for the well compensated employees of the firm. Additional pitfalls of LTD plans are that they do not always cover compensation other than W-2 income. Bonus income, commission income and K-1 income are times left uninsured via a group LTD plan.



Perfect for:

Executive Groups
Physician Groups
Attorney Groups
CPA Groups
Most groups considered

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