Global special risk life insurance programs

Select the one scenario below that most closely resembles your life insurance needs, to get started:

I am traveling short term abroad for less than one year

I only need coverage for accidental death or dismemberment

I am an independent contractor working in a war zone and need coverage for Acts of Terrorism/ War

I am an expatriated citizen living and/or working abroad and need longer term life insurance for up to 10 years or less

I need coverage for both death due to accident and illness / sickness


High Limit Accidental Death Plans

As much as we try to avoid them, accidents happen in life. With our High Limit Accident Insurance (referred to as AD&D), you can be prepared for the worst and eliminate the financial stress that accompanies a death or permanent disability due to a devastating accident. This unique Lloyds underwritten accident life insurance plan will provide benefits up to 10x of income and has options to cover dismemberment, permanent total disability due to an accident and can be taken out for a year or longer. Used frequently by leisure and business travelers, this plan is most popular among global independent contractors worldwide who reside and work in dangerous or hazardous zones around the globe. Countries such as those in Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Central and South America are common places for use of such a plan.

Take The Case Of…

ABC Company who had two top executives traveling by private air charter to Baghdad, Iraq. They would be there for 48 hours before returning to the U.S. The concerns they had were that their group benefits (both life and disability) had war and terrorism exclusions. GRB helped out by securing coverage for this war and terrorism risk. Just because it is a short term need, or an event that seems too risky, never say never and contact us today.

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International Term Life Insurance Plans

Unexpected complications, not covered by traditional insurance carriers, can occur while traveling or living abroad. GRB provides the International Term Life Insurance Plan to make sure you and/or your clients are covered in case misfortune strikes while residing outside their home country. Term Life plans cover both accident and sickness/ illness (resulting in death). These plans are renewable for a period of time or "term", hence their name. Rates are locked in to guarantee the same pricing during your term of coverage. Most of these plans do require some form of medical underwriting and exam (arranged and paid for by the insurance carrier).

Take The Case Of…

An individual who is planning on serving as a missionary for the next three years in Southeast Asia. The missionary is looking for $500,000 of coverage for estate planning and for loss of future income for their dependents. We can offer a three year policy term to cover the time they will be out of the U.S. It's that simple. Contact us today for a no obligation quote.


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