Providing all lines of special risk or foreign property & casulty protection, workers compensation and more...

As an individual or corporation doing business abroad, in foreign lands, you must be weiry of claims for liability made against you. When outside the USA, general liability insurance you might have with your local home town agent will more than likely not extend to foreign lands and circumstances. Maybe you have employees or workers abroad for the short or long term ? Do you think your states workers compensation will extend to France ? No!

The same goes for auto, transit coverage and so much more. GRB has access to foreign commercial package policies that will cover all the property and casulty possibilities that you or your organization might possess gaps in coverage and benefits.

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Categories of Coverage:


Defense Base Act (DBA) Worker's Compensation for Contractors

Foreign Commercial Package

Foreign General Liability Insurance

Foreign Professional Liability Insurance

Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation

Event Cancellation / Non-Appearance



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