Foreign Workers Compensation (FVWC)

International risks to your most valuable asset (your employee) are quite high when they are on assignment outside their home country.  A wide array of risk opens up for them and YOUR company.  Don't get caught depending on your locally issued state workers compensation plan when on assignment globally. State issued workers compensation will not extend abroad!

A broader scope of protection is available when utilizing foreign voluntary workers' compensation insurance, in combination with a business travel accident policy (BTA). The two voluntary plans, combined, provide that additional level of benefits that can be critical for employees who become sick or injured while abroad working for their employer.


Do I really need foreign workers compensation ?

Does your company have employees who:

- Travel outside the USA for business ?

- Employees on assignement outside of their home country ?

- International employees on assignment in the USA ?

What is included under a foreign workers compensation insurance package plan ?

Insurance for bodily injury from accidents or diseases including endemic diseases that occur while your employees are working outside of their home country (subject to applicability of any state workers compensation statutory requirements)

24/7 protection for work-related injuries for US employees during travel outside the USA

Repatriation expenses, covering travel expenses for emergency medical treatment when employees are sick or injured abroad, including travel costs for accompanying spouse and children

Extends coverage for War and Terrorism in war zone regions

If working under a US government contract, refer to Defense Base Act (DBA) Workers Compensation


FVWC policies start at $2,500 minimum annual premium

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