International Commercial General Liability (FGL) Insurance

International risks are often times difficult for traditional liability insurance carriers to cover.  Foreign travel or overseas business assignments involve exposures to far different risks from legal exposures that one would face in the USA.  Don't get caught depending on your locally issued FGL plan from the States when on assignment globally. International commercial foreign general liability insurance should be your primary line of defense against potential legal actions arising from any event that would occur while abroad, in any country, including war zones. 

Why the need ?

Locally provided general liability insurance plans in the USA will only cover lawsuits brought within the US borders

US companies operating overseas have NO safety net if taken to court for third party negligence and liability

What can be included under a foreign commerical liability package plan ?

Bodily Injury and property damage liability / commercial general liability

Contingent Employee benefits liability / employers responsibility

Personal and advertising injury liability

Emergency medical evacuation / repatriation

Political Evacuation / Relocation

Foreign voluntary workers compensation

Contingent Foreign Auto Liability

Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion

International AD&D Life and Medical / Business Travel Accident


FGL policies start at $2,500 minimum annual premium

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